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Introducing the latest innovation in power backup solutions: the Din Rail UPS from Sichuan Hewe Led Co., Ltd. This compact and reliable UPS is designed to easily mount onto a standard DIN rail, making it the perfect choice for industrial and automation applications. With its efficient performance and durable construction, this UPS provides uninterrupted power supply to critical equipment, ensuring maximum productivity and protecting against downtime and data loss. The Din Rail UPS offers a seamless solution for maintaining power continuity in control systems, PLCs, and other sensitive electronic devices. Its small footprint and easy installation make it an ideal choice for space-constrained environments. Featuring advanced technology and high-quality components, this UPS delivers reliable performance and peace of mind. Trust Sichuan Hewe Led Co., Ltd. for innovative power solutions that meet the demands of modern industrial settings.
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  • I recently purchased a Din Rail Ups for my industrial applications and I am extremely satisfied with its performance. The compact design makes it easy to install on a standard DIN rail, saving space in my control cabinet. The UPS provides reliable backup power, ensuring uninterrupted operation of critical equipment during power outages. With its wide input voltage range and multiple output options, it has proven to be a versatile solution for my diverse power needs. The unit also features built-in protection against overloads and short circuits, giving me peace of mind knowing that my equipment is always safeguarded. Overall, I highly recommend the Din Rail Ups for anyone in need of a reliable and efficient power backup solution.
    Mr. Bruce Huang
  • I recently purchased a Din Rail UPS and I am extremely satisfied with its performance. The compact design allowed me to easily mount it on the DIN rail in my control cabinet and it didn't take up much space at all. The UPS provided continuous power to my critical industrial equipment during a few unexpected power outages, saving me from potential damage and downtime. The built-in battery management system ensured a reliable and stable power supply, and the easy installation and maintenance made it a convenient choice. I highly recommend this Din Rail UPS for anyone in need of a reliable power backup solution.
    Ms. Sarah Liu
Introducing our new and innovative Din Rail UPS, designed to provide reliable and efficient power protection for various industrial and automation applications. This compact and versatile UPS solution is specifically created to be mounted on a standard DIN rail, allowing for easy integration into automation systems and control panels.

Our Din Rail UPS features a robust and durable design, with high-quality components to ensure optimal performance and longevity. With a wide input voltage range and output power capacity, this UPS is capable of safeguarding critical equipment from power disruptions, fluctuations, and outages, thus minimizing downtime and ensuring continuous operation.

Equipped with advanced battery management technology, our Din Rail UPS ensures the seamless transition to battery power when the main power source is compromised, effectively safeguarding connected devices and systems. Additionally, the UPS can be easily monitored and managed remotely, providing users with real-time visibility and control over power status and performance.

This reliable and cost-effective UPS solution is ideal for a wide range of industrial and automation environments, including manufacturing plants, control rooms, transportation facilities, and more. Whether it's protecting sensitive electronic equipment or ensuring uninterrupted operation of critical systems, our Din Rail UPS delivers the power protection and peace of mind that businesses can rely on. Experience the reliability and efficiency of our Din Rail UPS for your power protection needs.

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