48*10g SFP+ Network Switch with 2*40g Qsfp Ports and 4*100g Qsfp28 Dual PSU

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Basic Info.

Model NO.
10 Gigabit Speed
Transport Package
CE/EMC, CE/LVD, FCC Certification
HS Code
Production Capacity
500PCS Per Week

Packaging & Delivery

Package Size
55.00cm * 30.00cm * 5.00cm
Package Gross Weight

Product Description


48 port 10G Fiber Switch with 100G

| Overview

The S6800-54XC switch is a high-performance and high-density 10G fiber switch independently developed by our company. The whole device adopts an advanced hardware structure design and a hot-swap power supply redundancy design. It can support a maximum of 48*10G SFP+ ports, 2* 40G and 4* 100G uplink ports, provide
full-port L2/L3 wire-speed forwarding capability, support IPV6, and have rich business features and powerful functions such as ACL policy, flexible Q-IN-Q, MPLS, and network security protection. At the same time, the product has the highest 10 Gigabit port density and maximum switching capacity of the same grade equipment in the industry, and supports wire-speed forwarding of all ports. At the same time, the 10G port supports flexible access of GE and 10GE , and automatically recognizes the type of optical module installed, thereby maximizing the protection of user investment and ensuring the flexibility of use.

The S6800-54XC switch support elastic stacking function, which virtualizes multiple devices into one logical entity, which can not only meet the expansion of ports and switching capacity, but also realize the unified management, upgrade, and maintenance of multiple devices. In response to the requirements of large data traffic and
non-blocking transmission in the data center, the product can provide a strong cache capacity, and support an advanced cache scheduling mechanism to ensure the maximum effective use of the device cache capacity. It is designed to meet the high-density and high-bandwidth network application requirements of next-generation enterprise networks, data centers and metropolitan area networks. It can be applied to network operators or campus Ethernet aggregation layer or access layer, and can also be used as data center access layer, small and medium-sized enterprise core layer, and provides rich server access solutions for data centers.

| Features


  • 48* 10G SFP+ port
  • 2*40G QSFP ports
  • 4*100G QSFP28 ports
  • 1+1 hot-swap redundant power supply
  • Two hot-swap fans;
48*10g SFP+ Network Switch with 2*40g Qsfp Ports and 4*100g Qsfp28 Dual PSU

High-density 10G fiber access

With the popularity of the application server network card rate from Gigabit to 10G, new requirements are put forward for the port bandwidth and access density of the network access layer switches. S6800-54XC data center access switch can provide fixed 48* 10G optical ports and can provide 4*100G high-speed uplink ports. The port combination fully satisfies the port combination and density requirement of data center construction for access- layer switches


Carrier-level high availability

S6800-54XC switch not only supports the traditional STP/RSTP/MSTP spanning tree protocol, but also supports the G.8032 international standard ERPS protocol issued by ITU-T. This standard can realize 50ms fast loop recovery under Ethernet ring network. One switch can connect to multiple aggregation switches through multiple links, significantly improving the reliability of access devices.


Perfect security mechanism

Adopt hardware-based packet-by-packet forwarding mechanism, which can effectively detect and filter characteristic packets
Support ACL security filtering mechanism, which can provide security control functions based on user MAC, IP, L4 port and port level
Supports automatic protection against ARP attacks based on MAC addresses and automatic user blocking functions Supports automatic protection against DHCP attacks based on MAC addresses and user blocking functions
Support various device protection functions such as anti-DDoS, CPU overcurrent protection, CPU queue flow control
and VRRP
Support DHCP snooping/IP source Guard/802.1X and other security features to effectively ensure the availability of users, devices and networks
Support link protection functions such as BFD, FlexLink, dynamic link aggregation and Ethernet ring network Support remote loop detection function
Supports multiple Ethernet link detection mechanisms such as CFM and EFM
Support remote user authentication based on Tacacs+, Radius, and Local local user authentication, which can realize user hierarchical management and effectively ensure the security of device management users

IPv4/IPv6 Dual-Stack Multi-Layer Switching
Support line-rate IPv4/IPv6 dual-stack multi-layer switching Support IPv4 router protocol static routing
Support RIP, OSPFv3, BGP4+, and ECMP Supports IPv6 addressing


Full QoS policy and Q-in-Q for campus or carrier network

S6800-54XC fully implements the DIFFSERV model, provides up to 8 QoS queues, supports DSCP/TOS/802.1P and other QoS methods, SP, SRR, WRR, WFQ and hybrid scheduling and other priority queue scheduling algorithms, which can achieve port speed limit QoS functions such as traffic shaping to meet customer network requirements for data processing priority;support port trust, configurable trust CoS, DSCP, IP priority, port priority, and modify the DSCP and CoS values of data packets; according to the port , VLAN, DSCP, IP priority, ACL table to classify the traffic, modify the DSCP and IP priority of the data packet, and specify different bandwidths to provide different service quality for voice/data/video transmission in the same network. Support QinQ function, encapsulate the user's private network VLAN tag in the public network VLAN tag, so that the message will pass through the backbone network with two layers of VLAN tag to realize the intercommunication of the user's private network.


Centralized management

Support CLI command line management based on serial port, Telnet and SSHv2 Support RFC1213 SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol)
Support WEB-based configuration operation management

| Specification



LAN port 48* 10G SFP+ port

Uplink port
2* 40GE QSFP optical ports
4* 100GE QSFP optical ports
Mgmt port 1* Console/1* USB
Switching capacity 1.92T
Forwarding rate 1428Mpps
MAC address table 128K
Packet buffer 9MB
Routing table 64K
Memory 32MB flash / 1G DDR
Size 437*390*44(mm)
Power consumption 180W
Full weight 8kg

1+1 Redundant power supply
Cooling system 2* hot-swappable smart fan(Fan speed control and alarm alert)

Operating  temperature:-15ºC~55ºC
Storage  temperature:-40ºC~70ºC

Working humidity:10%~90% ,Non-condensation
Store humidity:5% ~ 95% ,Non-condensation

L2 switching
MAC Address Manual add and delete MAC address table
Manual configuration of MAC address aging time Port close MAC address learning function Support port MAC address quantity control Support port MAC address filtering function
Port, MAC and protocol based VLAN
Spanning Tree STP/RSTP/MSTP
Port Two-way bandwidth control
    Static and LACP dynamic aggregation port aggregation
Multi-port mirroring Port storm suppression
9K Jumbo ultra-long frame forwarding


User security
Anti-ARP-spoofing spoofing protection
Anti-ARP-flooding flooding attack automatic suppression
IP Source Guard automatically creates IP+MAC+port+VLAN binding table
Port Isolation hardware isolates messages between ports MAC address binding to port and port MAC address filtering User identity authentication of IEEE 802.1x and AAA/Radius

Switch security
Prevent various DOS attacks and virus attacks against the CPU on
the control layer SSHv2 Secure Shell
SNMP v3 encryption management
Security IP Telnet login and password mechanism
Adopt maintenance user classification protection to prevent illegal intrusion by unauthorized users

Network security
ARP traffic detection based on each user's MAC address
ARP message suppression or user blocking based on ARP traffic inspection
One-key binding based on dynamic ARP table
Manual binding of parameters such as IP address, VLAN ID, MAC address and port
L2-L7 ACL flow filtering
Port broadcast/multicast message suppression and automatic shutdown of dangerous ports
DHCP Option82 and PPPoE+ mark upload user physical location information


Standard and extended ACL
ACL strategy based on time range (Time Range)
Provide flow classification and flow definition based on IP header information such as source/destination MAC address, VLAN, 802.1p, ToS, DiffServ, source/destination IP (IPv4/IPv6) address, TCP/UDP port number, protocol type, etc.
L2~L7 in-depth IP packet header 80-byte packet filtering

Limit the rate of receiving and sending packets on the port or
custom flow
Message mirroring and message redirection for ports or custom flows
Prioritize ports or custom streams, and provide 802.1P and DSCP priority Remark capabilities
Advanced queue scheduling based on port or custom flow, 8 priority queues per port/flow, and multiple queue scheduling algorithms such as SP, WRR, SP+WRR, etc.

Layer2 Multicast
IGMPv1/v2/v3 Snooping
Fast leave
Static IGMP snooping group
MVR(Multicast VLAN Registration)
Static and dynamic ARP entries

Aging of ARP entries
Gratuitous ARP
basic ARP-Proxy
local ARP-Proxy


IPv4 Unicast Routing
IPv4 Static Routes
uRPF check
ICMP redirect
ICMP unreachables

IPv4 Multicast Routing
IGMP SSM Mapping

IPv6 Basic

IPv6 Unicast Routing
IPv6 Static Routes
MLD v1/v2
MLD v1/v2 Snooping


Loop protection

Link protection
Static link aggregation
Redundancy VRRP


Network management
Telnet-based port real-time traffic, utilization, and statistics of
received and sent packets
LLDP Neighbor Discovery Protocol
RMON (Remote Monitoring) 1, 2, 3, 9 MIB
RFC3176 sFlow flow analysis, which can realize flow monitoring and statistics based on protocol or address
Data log and RFC 3164 BSD Syslog Protocol Ping and Traceroute

Device management
CLI, Console port, Telnet, SSH and WEB configuration
SNMP V1/V2c/V3 management SNTP protocol
User classification authority
48*10g SFP+ Network Switch with 2*40g Qsfp Ports and 4*100g Qsfp28 Dual PSU

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